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Open Learning Workshops for the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges and Universities

In total 30 two-day workshops were organized in all nine South African provinces, with a total of 775 attending participants. Services provided included booking and hiring of conference rooms with breakout rooms, hiring of appropriate conference equipment, arrangement of catering and printing services, provision of badges and conference kits and support of the organization, management […]

Regional Seminar of Southern African and Indian Ocean States

The seminar was a platform for discussions between EU officials from Delegations, Headquarters (EEAS and Commission DGs) and Member States present locally; the representatives from the 14 countries and 4 regional institutions of the Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region; and other external non-EU or ACP officials. The seminar was on the major issues that […]

Organization of the steering committees of the ECOFAC 6 program and other political meetings related to the issue of biodiversity and climate in Central Africa

The ECOFAC Program is the flagship regional program of the European Union with the aim of nature conservation in Central Africa. The meetings of the Steering Committee make it possible to underline the evolution of conservation in Central Africa and to highlight how the Program accompanies this multidimensional process and also, how the future could […]