We implement projects and programmes at all stages of the project cycle – from the identification and formulation missions, technical assistance and project implementation, systematic reviews, monitoring and project evaluation, to the dissemination of results from each of these activities and organisations of events.





Since 2014 we have been contracted as a leader of Consortia for seven major Framework Contracts funded by the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the European Committee of the Regions. To date we have carried out 213 assignments in more than 100 countries around the world. 

Our major Framework contracts as a Lead of Consortia –

  • Framework Contract Services for EU’s External Action 2023 (FWC SEA 2023) (EC, 2024 – 2028), Lot 5 – Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital
  • Framework Contract, Event Management Services (European Labour Authority – ELA, 2023 -2027), Lot 1 – Organisation and Management of Events at ELA premises in Bratislava.
  • Framework Contract, Event Management Services (European Labour Authority, 2023 -2027), Lot 3 – Organisation and Management of Field Events in EU Member States and EFTA Countries.
  • Framework Contract EVENTS 2020, European Commission (EC, 2020 – 2024)
  • Framework Contract Services for the Implementation of External Aid (SIEA) 2018 (EC, 2019 – 2022), Lot 2 – Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs
  • Framework Contract for the European Committee of the Regions, Lot 3 (2017-2020): Cohesion policy, transport policy and urban policy 
  • Framework Contract Commission 2015, Lot 3 (EC, 2016 – 2020) – Organisation of Events
  • Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013 (EC, 2014 – 2018), Lot 5 – Conferences
  • Framework Contract Beneficiaries 2013 (EC, 2014 – 2018), Lot 2 – Transport and Infrastructure 
  • Framework Contract Jaspers Lot 10 (EIB, 2010-2014): Project Management & Procurement

As a partner we have participated in two Framework contracts funded by the European Investment Bank and are currently implementing a Framework agreement funded by the Partnership Instrument under the lead of Frankfurt School of Economics. 

Our Framework contracts as a Partner –

  • Framework Contract Services for EU’s External Action 2023 (FWC SEA 2023) (EC, 2024 – 2028), Lot 8 – Sustainable Finance. In partnership with Cowater International Germany.
  • Framework Agreement to Support EIB Advisory Services (EIBAS) Activities Inside and Outside EU – 27 (EIB, 2023 – 2027), Lot 4 – Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure, Horizon Europe and SME’s Access to Finance. In partnership with GDSI Limited.
  • Policy Support Facility for the Implementation of EU Foreign Policy (PSF 2019, 2019 -2023) Lot 1 – Public diplomacy, information outreach and organisation of events. In partnership with Frankfurt School of Finance & Management GmbH.
  • FWC EIB Lot 3 (2016-2019): Transport. In partnership with EGIS 
  • FWC EIB Lot 4 (2016-2019): Smart growth, social infrastructure and Horizon 2020. In partnership with PLANET






We enable our clients to communicate their key messages effectively and delivers leading-edge, audience-driven and innovative events.

We provide overall management, coordination and quality control of all activities related to the organisation of conferences and events. Our services include: 

Individual assistance: 

  • Travel arrangements, changes and cancelations and Assistance with obtaining visas 
  • Hotel reservations
  • Production and distribution of invitations 
  • Management and payments of daily allowance to participants 
  • Production and distribution of name badges/conferences kits

Support staff:

  • Selection and recruitment of moderator and speakers
  • Provision of team of hostesses, interpreters, translators, note-takes, photographers


  • Ensure insurance cover of participants
  • Booking of conference rooms, additional premises, rental of conference equipment, design and make available registration platforms and arranging local transport etc.


  • Catering services and Delivery of flowers (e.g. as part of the protocol)
  • Conception, production and delivery of information, leaflets or prints to enhance the public awareness regarding the event

Technical sectors







We provide quality services enabling our clients to achieve their objectives by using the EC frameworks instruments in the sectors of infrastructure, sustainable growth and job creation.

We provide overall management, coordination and quality control of the framework assignments in the following technical areas:

  • Transport and Infrastructure (incl. roads, railways, harbours, airports, transport safety, buildings, water supply and sanitation, solid waste disposal, engineering construction)
  • Digital technologies and services (incl. broadband connectivity, digital literacy and entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, navigation systems, digital agenda and protection)
  • Earth observation (incl. satellite and meteorological data, space policy) 
  • Urban development and Cities (incl. smart cities, social housing, urban mobility and infrastructure, climate-resilient and sustainable urban environments)
  • Sustainable energy (incl. renewable energies, modern Power grids, electrification, energy efficiency, energy services and frameworks, energy sector studies)
  • Nuclear safety (incl. nuclear power plant operation, design safety, safeguards, radio-active waste, offsite emergency preparedness, decommissioning, training)
  • Sustainable waste management incl. public/private management structures
  • Private sector (incl. privatisation, sector policies, SMEs support and policy development, regulatory reform, investment promotion, commercial banking, financial sector, corporate social responsibility) 
  • Trade (incl. trade policy and negotiations, regional economic integration, conformity assessment, metrology, standards and norms, Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues, Technical barriers to trade, intellectual property, trade in services, competition, trade and environment, trade defence instruments, trade promotion and market analysis)
  • Employment creation (Labour market and Employment – formal and non-formal) incl. labour force, wage policy and social dialogue.


Since 2005, we have implemented more than 250 missions and worked in more than 100 countries around the world, mainly in Africa (43%), Europe, Balkans & Neighbourhood (39%), Latin America & Caribbean (11%) and South Asia (7%). The results of our work contribute to donors’ efforts across the variety of international development contexts and in different types of societies ranging from rapidly growing economies to post-conflict or conflict environments.


Our main clients are EU institutions, such as the European Commission, the Delegations of the European Union, the European External Action Services, the European Investment Bank, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), the Union for Mediterranean (UfM) and others. By leveraging from our 16 years of experience of delivering the EU frameworks (technical and horizontal) we bring new insights to our clients and become a trusted partner for implementing projects and programmes across a broad spectrum of international development frameworks.