The general objective of this assignment was to support the European Commission, to establish a monitoring system for the totality of ongoing EU funded energy projects and a more specific approach for the results of the projects under the umbrella of the “EU Women and Sustainable Initiative” (the Gender initiative hereafter). For this Initiative, the assignment also helped to make the links between the projects and capitalise the experiences as well as disseminate good practices. At a larger extent, it supported gender mainstreaming in energy projects.

Specific objectives of this assignment were to:
In full cooperation with DEVCO C6 and their contractors and partners to organize a coherent system for monitoring of the expected and actual results and impact of the 300+ energy projects followed by the unit.

Specific objectives for the Gender initiative, among others, included:
• Liaise with the projects managers to identify the baseline for the selected projects, common indicators and advise/support the projects to collect the necessary data for the baselines where necessary;
• Establish a result monitoring process for DEVCO C6;
• Identify and compile in a table the innovative business models in the 3 projects with the implementation modalities and their impact on women’s empowerment;
• Support the establishment of a common visibility of the projects under the umbrella of the initiative;
• Provide guidance and elements (including indicators) from the field allowing for gender mainstreaming into energy projects;
• Prepare the 1st Gender initiative’s annual workshop for the projects.