The overall objective of the programme, of which this contract was a part, was to prepare the Turkish Cypriot community for the implementation of the acquis communautaire in the sector of energy in general and in regard to energy efficiency, beginning with schools, in particular:

• To provide the Contracting Authority and the Beneficiary with a comprehensive assessment regarding the energy efficiency situation in 10 pilot schools and with a clear and sustainable action plan for energy efficiency in those schools.
• To assist the Contracting Authority and the Beneficiary in implementing the energy efficiency measures foreseen in the feasibility studies of the 10 schools.
• To make specific recommendations for future support in the area of energy efficiency in schools in the Turkish Cypriot community based on the assessment of the situation in the pilot schools.
• To increase awareness on energy efficiency in the schools and of relevant stakeholders such as professional chambers and local communities.
• To increase skills in energy auditing of practitioners and consumers.