C&M, as a member of the Consortium led by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, organised 5th event in the series within the policy dialogue “Gateways for Peace”, which is focused on bringing together experts from specific fields with the goal to enhance the European Union and South Africa co-operation and coordination on peace and security.

The latest webinar, which took place on 5 May 2022, was focused on “Promoting Human Security and Peacebuilding in Lesotho”.

As Lesotho prepares for national elections, in September 2022, the speakers discussed the following questions:

  • How far have the recommendations – contained in the Roadmap and those emanating from the Forum and the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue – been implemented?
  • What key human security and peacebuilding concerns remain?
  • Who are the key actors and what are the key points of contestation in the upcoming elections?
  • What role can the EU and South Africa play in ensuring a peaceful election in Lesotho?


The online event was attended by dozens of invited guests.