We are pleased to announce that TiEG company was awarded a project at GET.pro – Global Energy Transformation Programme. It is a European multi-donor platform which aims at the improvement of the conditions for investment in the global energy transformation by establishing the necessary conditions for achieving the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular on energy. It was founded by the EU and the EU member states of Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria in 2018.

The main objective of this Mid-Term evaluation is to provide an independent assessment of implementation and achievements, key lessons learned, conclusions and related recommendations for the implementation of the second part of the programme as well as to inform the decision-making process concerning a possible EU support for the successor of the existing GET.pro.

Specifically, our three key experts (evaluation expert, energy regulatory expert and financial instruments for sustainable energy expert) will assess the GET.pro using the six standard DAC evaluation criteria. In addition, the evaluation will assess the intervention through the EU added value specific evaluation criterion.