Over the past decade, relations between Peru and the European Union have deepened and diversified significantly, covering cooperation in various areas covered by the UE / Peru Cooperation Program 2014 – 2020.  In cooperation with the EU Delegation to Peru and local central authorities we have organized several meetings in Peru.

The services provided by NOOKOM include travel arrangements, payment of daily allowance, preparation of badges, hiring of hostesses, interpreters, hotel reservation and payment, the reservation and rental of the conference room, transfers between the airport and the hotel, technical equipment, catering and printing.

Event SNI – I Simposium Internacional Economía Circular, 24-25 October 2019, Lima, Peru. The aim of this high-level Forum was to generate a space between the public and private sectors for the exchange of technical experiences, linked to the development of recycling for analysis in the construction of public policies on circular economy. We provided logistical support to the event including event venue, AV equipment, catering and support to the speakers.