The Programme to be evaluated “Improvement of housing of the most vulnerable Palestine refugees in Lebanon” is aimed at improving the living conditions of the Palestinian refugees based in 6 different camps in Lebanon (Beirut, Saida area and Tyre area).

The overall objective of the Programme is “A decent standard of living for Palestine Refugees in Lebanon” while the expected results of the evaluated programme are defined as: at least 612 dilapidated shelters of the most vulnerable families (including about 184 shelters in emergency) in priority camps in Lebanon are rehabilitated.

The main focus of this final evaluation was to provide the relevant services of the European Union, the interested stakeholders and the wider public with:
• an overall independent assessment of the past performance of the “Improvement of housing of the most vulnerable Palestine refugees in Lebanon” programme, paying particular attention to its results measured against its expected objectives; and the reasons underpinning such results;
• key lessons learned, conclusions and related recommendations in order to improve current interventions implemented by UNRWA and/or similar future Interventions.

The main users of this evaluation are UNRWA and the relevant EU services: the EU Delegation to Lebanon and EU HQ. Palestinian civil society associations will be also consulted during the intervention.