The IPKey Project gave continuity to 2 previous EU initiatives, namely the IPR-1 Cooperation project, which focused on legislation issues (1999-2004) and IPR-2 Cooperation project, which contributed to China gaining a greater appreciation and understanding of the values contributed to the economy by technology, and the importance of fostering technological growth through IP protection. The IPKey project was also a mechanism to support the European Commission (EC) in the annual EU-China Dialogue IP negotiations and was therefore considered as very relevant for the target groups.

Overall Objective of this assignment was to support the interests of European innovators and European IP rights holders trading with or investing in China, or intending to, by contributing to a level playing field for European companies operating in China.
Specific Objective was to ensure the transparent and fair implementation of the Chinese IPR protection and enforcement system, to avoid any protectionist market access barriers through the misuse of IPR legislation, and to further improve the IPR environment in China.