C&M is delighted to announce that C&M/NOOKOM won a new contract focusing on raising awareness and visibility of the EU Delegation’s activities in Tajikistan.

The overall objective of the contract is to enhance the visibility of the European Union and its role as a key partner in sustainable development cooperation, while also improving public knowledge and understanding of the EU’s values, policy priorities, and actions. This overarching goal underscores the EU’s commitment to establishing a more pronounced and impactful presence in Tajikistan, aiming to foster a deeper awareness and recognition of its initiatives and contributions in the region. The efforts under this contract are designed to bridge the information gap and build a stronger, more informed connection between the EU and the local populace, highlighting the EU’s role in supporting sustainable development and cooperation within Tajikistan.

The activities will start in February 2024 and the project is expected finish in January 2026