It is with great pleasure to announce that C&M will be leading the new round of the EC Framework contract Lot 5 – Science, Technology, Innovation, and Digital, designed to provide essential support to the European Commission Directorates-General responsible for executing External Action initiatives. This marks a significant milestone in C&M’s commitment to contributing to the European Union’s global actions in these sectors and in the same time, it is a continuation of our success with the delivery of the European Commission framework contracts since 2012.

Sectors included in Lot 5 Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital are:

  • Digital technologies and services
  • Space and Earth Observation
  • Telecommunications
  • Research and Innovation

C&M as well-recognised company within the Institutions of the European Union and with its efficient  contractual tools is set up to mobilise the required expertise rapidly through specific contracts, assisting the European Commission departments in implementing their policies.

For the next four years and starting in February 2024, C&M is committed to provide strong support and advice to the European Commission and EU Delegations, Partner Countries, and Organizations and striving to help the EU in its global efforts, bringing in new ideas, and working together for a better future.

We’re excited to be part of these FWC SEA 2023 and honour our role as a leader of the consortium of the highly professional and well-recognised organisations and companies in the sector.