C&M/NOOKOM EEIG is awarded with the “Organisation Events, Visibility and Communication Action for the European Union to the Republic of Tajikistan” project, aimed to raise awareness and recognition about the EU as a key partner for sustainable development cooperation in Tajikistan, to raise awareness and recognition of the activities of the EU Delegation in Tajikistan, as well as to increase visibility of the European Union in Tajikistan.

The project activities shall include the following:

1 two-day conference for 200 participants in Dushanbe that communicates and strengthens high-level policies and bilateral relations between the EU and Tajikistan;

2 two-day workshops for 100 participants each in Dushanbe that serve to discuss specific bilateral/development issues in more depth and generate mutual ownership;

1 three-day regional public event for 400 participants that serves to raise broader, hands-on awareness of EU support at the level of Tajikistan’s provinces;

1 forty-picture photo exhibition taking place in Dushanbe for ten days, showcasing a decade (or more) of success stories of EU support across the entire country;

3 field visits for 10-15 participants each, of 3-5days, to EU-supported projects in the provinces of Soghd, Khatlon, and GBAO, combined with tailor-made local activities;

3 two- to five-day exchange visits for up to 4 participants each between the EU and Tajikistan in the context of cultural diplomacy.

The project starts in January 2022 and shall last for 3 years.