C&M is delighted to announce that TIEG EEIG has been awarded a new contract designed to support The Republic of Moldova in the development of the new mobility strategy, in line with national development goals and those of the EU Eastern Neighbourhood Policy and the EU regional and bilateral programmes for connectivity and specifically, for mobility.

The task consists of preparing an analysis of the situation in the field of transport infrastructure and services in the context of the need to develop a new mobility strategy for the period 2023-2030, and providing the Government of Moldova with strategic advice and concrete actions for developing the new National Mobility Strategy.

TiEG EEIG will assist the Government with drafting the new mobility strategy, in particular:

  • Developing a better understanding of the current situation in the transport sector;
  • Elaborating the new National Mobility Strategy 2023-2030;
  • Equipment so that it is possible to develop an investment program and an action plan for the implementation of the National Mobility Strategy 2023-2030.

Other specific objectives of the assignment include:

  • Undertaking an in-depth analysis of selected key aspects, which will be confirmed after the inception stage;
  • Informing policy design, through the formulation of strategic advice and concrete actions for policy development;
  • Contributing to the ongoing policy dialogue among transport stakeholders, in an inclusive and constructive way, in support of Moldova’s new mobility strategy and other relevant policies.

TiEG’s experts consisting of 4 key experts will start the implementation on 30 November and will work on the assignment until 30 August 2023.