We are delighted to announce that C&M / TIEG has been awarded a new contract in Uganda. The aim of this feasibility study is to prepare the launch of improved passenger rail transport, the aim of which will be to improve inter-city and intra-city mobility and in particular, to improve urban mobility in the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area and intra-city mobility between the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area and Jinja by introducing comprehensive passenger rail services on the existing Bujuko-Kampala-Mukono-Jinja meter gauge rail system including the Port Bell Branch. This action also contributes to the implementation of the EU Global Gateway strategy and is an integral part of the Corridor No.8, the Northen Corridor, which stretches from Mombasa, Kenya to Kisangani, DRC.

The specific goal of this contract is the preparation and formulation of the operation of passenger rail transport on sections of the line the Bujuuko-Kampala-Mukono-Jinja Meter Gauge Railway, including the branch to Port Bell Pier.

Our team of experts is due to start with the activities in  January 2024 and the project is expected to be finalised in January 2025.