C&M is delighted to announce that TIEG EEIG has been awarded a new contract. The specific objective of this service contract is to provide the basis for an evidence-based discussion on the potential impact of the digital and green revolutions in EU value chains, thereby identifying key supply chains, investment and trade opportunities, as well as business organisations and private sector actors investing in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) and Asia-Pacific regions. In particular, the result of the analytical phase should present different options for high-impact geopolitical investment priorities that would feed into high-level discussions at EU level and result in strategic orientations to guide key investment initiatives under Global Gateway in the LAC and Asia-Pacific regions.

Services provided by our teams include:

  • Data collection and assessment;
  • Stakeholder interviews: VTC, phone calls and contacts in European capitals;
  • Drafting of reflection papers (one per region) to feed into discussions by EEAS and European Commission managers;
  • Organisation and facilitation of two strategic workshops (one for LAC and one for Asia-Pacific);
  • Drafting of outcome papers with operational conclusions and concrete follow up actions for each targeted region;
  • Drafting of final report.

The project started with an inception phase on September 2022 with 4 key experts provided by TiEG.