The global objective of the assignment was to review the Government strategies and policies as well as EU programmes in support to the economic reforms and to provide recommendations for the strategic orientation of future EU programmes supporting inclusive economic growth, competitiveness, and job creation in Jordan.

The specific objectives of the assignment were the following:
1. To conduct an assessment of the existing Jordan Strategies, Policies and Programmes which aim to facilitate or impact economic growth, competitiveness, and job creation;
2. To evaluate the current EU approach against current macro-economic outlook, government policy framework and investment climate (encompassing trade, business environment, financial inclusion and labour legislation), programmes and interventions addressing economic reforms, with particular attention to Public Finance Management, investment, SMEs, innovation and start –ups;
3. To provide recommendations to the EU Delegation on the best strategic orientation of future programmes, to ensure relevance and full alignment with the government policies as well as coherence among past and ongoing EU interventions.