The purpose of this assignment was to promote inclusive and sustainable investment by supporting the European External Investment Plan (EIP) outreach and communication in the Western African region.

NOOKOM’s task was to provide support to the organisation of a set of events, which would take place in various places within the “Workshops, Events, and Communication Activities Related to the Promotion of the European External Investment Plan (EIP) in Sub- Saharan Africa” Project.

This workshop brought together participants living in Senegal, who ranged from representatives of the private sector (companies and representative organisations), representatives of civil society, Government officials or EU Representatives (EU Member States / Embassies), International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and other organisations working on economic development programmes and initiatives. The morning plenary and workshop sessions were followed by an afternoon B2B session of individual meetings with representatives of the IFIs.

For this project, NOOKOM was entrusted with sending invitations, producing badges and conference kits, arrangement of catering services, booking and paying for conference room and A/V equipment, hiring hostesses, photographers, moderator, etc.