Centres of Thematic Expertise (CoTEs) has since January 2015 provided policy advice and thematic support to geographical units, EU delegations and DG NEAR senior management. A key role for each CoTE is to animate thematic networks across the DG and Delegations. For that purpose, CoTEs regularly organize networking meetings on specific thematic issues in order to disseminate information, update on policy developments and exchange ideas and good practices. We should have organized 11 planned internal and external meetings for Centers of Thematic Expertise (CoTEs) in Brussels with 45 – 100 participants 100 in Brussels and neighboring countries. However, due to COVID-19 situation only 3 meetings were successfully organized.

FRi-Net meeting, – Fundamental Rights Network Seminar 2020

13-14 February 2020, Hotel Penta, Brussels, Belgium. We provided logistical support to the Event including a meeting venue, conference kits, AV equipment and catering. Total number of participants was 60.