South Africa

Enhancing engagement with stakeholders in South Africa on foreign policy issues

July 2021 – July 2023

The European Union is looking to increase its cooperation with South Africa on a number of foreign policy matters, including peace and security, human rights and governance issues in Africa. In March 2020, the European Commission and the High Representatives presented a joint communication ‘Towards a comprehensive strategy with Africa’, where it suggested to move forward and to bring the partnership with Africa to the next level.

The specific objectives of this project are:

  • To promote and raise awareness of European Foreign Policy and interests and increase the understanding of the EU global Role among key South Africa stakeholders;
  • To increase policy engagement with key South African stakeholders on key regional and global peace and security, human rights and governance issues and showcase EU’s constructive contributions at regional, continental and global level;
  • To identify commonalities and concrete areas or actions for EU-SA cooperation that could be taken forward in the framework of our strategic partnership.

With the goal of enhancing EU-SA cooperation and coordination, C&M as a part of the Consortium led by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will organise three webinars in 2021, three roundtables and three webinars in 2022, as well as another webinar in the beginning of 2023. The project will conclude with a public debate, a photo exhibition and an artist talk in the second quarter of 2023. The activities to be implemented by our Team will include:

  • Coordination, management and secretarial services;
  • Thorough logistical support for virtual and on-site events;
  • Preparation of concept notes, event programmes and policy briefs;
  • Selection of participants, recruitment of speakers, moderators and note takers;
  • Participants management including preparation of list of invitees, drafting and distributing invitations, managing registrations and updated attendance lists;
  • Organisation of a photo competition;
  • Production of booklets;
  • Communication and visibility activities of the project;
  • Knowledge management support;
  • Ensuring the organisation of the project in partnership with local think tanks, academia and civil society organizations.