C&M is pleased to announce that NOOKOM EEIG will support DG INTPA in organising the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York on March 2023 which will provide a broad and visible platform to Young Water Professionals (YWP). The event is conceived as a cultural happening that allows YWPs to tell their own story to a broader audience that not fully consists of water professionals.

The main part of this assignment is to produce Film portrait (20-30 min.) Film will reflect technical details of the YWPs’ daily work life and tell a story about what it personally means for YWPs to work in their sector and what makes it a unique experience. Film will be shot in Africa and screened at the conference. Through the film, the event audience will discover the work routine of YWPs who personally decided which aspect of their work life are shown. They will be working closely with our Film Director.

C&M team of 3 consists of Event Coordinator, Film Director and Film Director Assistant.