C&M is pleased to report that TIEG won a new contract and will be undertaking the final evaluation of the Economic and social reconstruction project in urban areas (PRESU) (phases 1 and 2) in Central African Republic, the 2-phase contract implemented between 2015 and 2022.

PRESU was intended to be a simple but robust and high value-added project for the social reconstruction of Bangui through integrated urban operations within the city’s neighbourhoods. The project had two main objectives:

  1. Enable the return of public action by improving the social and urban environment of Bangui’s precarious neighbourhoods.
  2. Promote the economic reconstruction of households according to the High Labour Intensity Works approach called THIMO Bangui.

The PRESU took place in two phases:

  • Phase 1 known as PRESU I, made it possible to carry out emergency actions with a social vocation in the short term. These were activities providing an initial emergency response to the basic needs of the population. In parallel, technical feasibility studies on more structured urban development actions for the two districts and analysis of the relevance of strengthening road axes around the districts were conducted, the project management of which was ensured by the Central African side.
  • Phase 2 known as PRESU II, which made it possible to carry out structuring urban development actions (networks, roads, rehabilitation or construction of public and commercial facilities, development public spaces) in neighbourhoods. Phase 2 saw the realization of the urban developments designed during Phase 1, through on the one hand concerted local actions in the neighbourhoods (roads, drainage, lighting) and more structuring actions, mainly the rehabilitation of public facilities (schools and high schools, health centres). This second phase also had a capacity building component of the Bangui City Hall, although the project management remains entrusted to the Ministry of Urban Planning and delegated to AGETIP-CAF. Finally, phase 2 of the PRESU financed the arrival of the Cergy workshops, urban project management workshops to help shape common visions of territory in the longer term, in a context where emergency actions in urban areas dominate.


The final evaluation of the PRESU is implemented by two Key Experts specialised in the field of infrastructure, particularly urban and inter-urban infrastructure, urban planning, architecture and urban development.

Our team of experts started the activities in July 2022 and the period of execution of the contract will be 100 days.