We are pleased to announce that TIEG will be undertaking the Final Evaluation of Nairobi missing link roads.

Kenya’s transport sector is a driving force in the nation’s development, with a vast road network contributing to over 80% of freight and passenger movement. The road sub-sector plays a pivotal role in economic growth, poverty reduction, and regional integration. Aligned with Vision 2030, Kenya prioritizes transport infrastructure for a prosperous future. The Integrated National Transport Policy aims to create a world-class system, connecting rural and urban areas for enhanced trade and competitiveness.

The Final evaluation’s primary goals are to offer the European Union, stakeholders, and the public an independent overall assessment of the “10th EDF KENYA/ACP/Regional Economic Integration by means of Transport Infrastructure – Urban Roads” (Nairobi Missing Links Road project). This assessment will assess the achieved outcomes in relation to projected objectives and explore the underlying factors. The evaluation will also provide valuable insights, conclusions, and recommendations to enhance ongoing and future interventions. Additionally, the evaluation will support the European Union Delegation in Kenya and the Government of Kenya in assessing the Nairobi Missing Links Road project’s contribution to the goals of the Nairobi metropolitan transport improvement programme.

TIEG’s evaluation team including the Team Leader and Civil Engineer started their activities in August 2023.