C&M is pleased to announce that TIEG won a new contract and will be undertaking the feasibility study for the Belgrade waste treatment project.

Environmental pollution continues to be a challenge for Serbia, and significant efforts are required particularly in better management and control of waste. Whilst there is a good level of alignment with the acquis and there are ongoing efforts to improve the enforcement of legislation in the waste management subsector, challenges in the development and operation of infrastructure remain.

The global objective of the project is to contribute to a better environmental status and life quality of citizens in the Belgrade Waste Management Region, by establishing a sustainable and integrated waste management system aligned with national requirements and EU environmental acquis.

Specifically, the project is designed to contribute to the future improvement of the waste management system in Belgrade by increasing and strengthening administrative capacities for waste management, expanding the scope of waste collection to 100%, establishing the system of source separation of recyclable waste and setting up containers for separate collection of recyclables. The objectives also include the increase of the recycling rate of household waste to 25 mass % by the end of 2025, and up to 35 mass % by the end of 2030, construction of 6 recycling yards and 4 transfer stations, Construction and Demolition Waste facility, construction of the facility for composting green waste. In parallel, the team will focus on improving the level of awareness of the citizens on the importance of proper waste management.

Our team of experts led by the Team Leader started the activities in February 2023 and the period of execution of the contract is fifteen months.