We are pleased to announce that C&M together with Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will support the European Commission (DG MOVE) and the Arab Civil Aviation Organization (ACAO) in organising the EU-Arab Aviation Summit in Jordan, in Spring 2023. This summit is one of the key international events that DG MOVE will organise in 2023 with the intent of further deepening the relations with the Arab States and advancing in the EU policy objectives.

This high-level summit conference will host around 300 participants and C&M will provide the logistical support with the organisation of the conference providing the following services:

  • Setting up and administration of registration tool in English and Arabic;
  • Identification of a suitable venue with conference facilities;
  • Appropriate catering for the participants (coffee breaks, lunches and seated gala dinner);
  • Technical IT and A/V equipment;
  • Graphic design work and printing;
  • Onsite staff including master of ceremony, hostesses and technicians.

The summit will support a promotion of important EU policy objectives and initiatives in areas such as green economy (European Green Deal, Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, ReFuel EU Aviation), and open and fair competition in the area of aviation (EU External Aviation Policy) internationally.

Our team will start the activities early in 2023 and project will be implemented by two C&M experts: Contract Manager and Senior Event Coordinator with the support of our backstopping team.