C&M via TIEG EEIG together with CFCG Germany was awarded the project aimed to position Mauritius as a hub for luxury products, involving the design and production of exclusive, refined and unique luxury items for global luxury brands and outlets.  More detailed projects goals are to:

  • Develop awareness about the level of readiness of Mauritius for developing a luxury cluster in line with international best practices
  • Build a strong positioning strategy for the Mauritius luxury cluster in niche markets
  • Assist in the development of high-end/luxury products for selected export-ready manufacturing enterprises.
  • Prepare the Concept Design of a high-end products e-catalogue including story telling of selected items.
  • Create shared understanding of the high-end and luxury product market and initiate the capacity building in luxury product development
  • Develop linkages with key target markets for the luxury cluster
  • Development of a roadmap and an implementation plan for a luxury cluster in Mauritius.

The consultancy services, incl. capacity building workshops will be running from January 2022 till January 2023.